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Teething Tablets vs. Teething Gels

10 December, 2010 (15:47) | Wellness Lifestyle | By: Dr. Candace

To apply or ingest…that is the question. It comes down to a philosophy or lifestyle choice. Tablets, no matter how natural or holistic, create a SYSTEMIC response.  It is a whole body response to an outside source.
Topical gels are just that:  topical. Topical, localized action of relief.  Yes, still an outside source but not systemic. 
So back to the initial question: to apply or ingest?

(P.S. tylenol/baby aspirin etc. is a drug.  Do our children need to be drugged to help relieve pain at such a young age?  Shouldn’t we teach them to stand back and watch their bodies heal and process with the amazing power they have!?)

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